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NEWS ALERT / Dec-17, 2024:  TPM partners with Adkom to "Drive" Growth.

Our Mission

At Travel Plaza Media (TPM), we're not just transforming the travel plaza industry; we're revolutionizing it. With cutting-edge digital networks strategically placed in high-traffic Travel Plazas, we offer unparalleled advertising opportunities.

Enhanced Experiences

Our solutions provide brands with unparalleled opportunities to connect with travelers in real-time, creating memorable experiences and driving engagement.

Data Driven Solutions

TPM's digital network is powered by data-driven solutions that connect brands with travelers at the most opportune moments. By leveraging real-time data and analytics, we're able to deliver personalized advertising experiences that resonate with our target audiences and drive results.

of people encounter at least 1 rest plaza in their commute.

stop at rest plazas at least once per work week.

stop more than once per work week.

DOOH Network

Imagine advertising that's precise, measurable, and impossible to ignore. TPM does just that, placing digital screens strategically near:

• Point of Purchase & Convenience Stores
• Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR)
• Restrooms 

Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Point of Purchase & Convenience Stores
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR) and Dining Areas


  1. High Visibility & Engagement: Get noticed where it counts.
  2. Targeted Advertising: Reach the right audience at the right time.
  3. Real-Time Updates: Keep travelers informed.
  4. Enhanced Safety: Promote safety and awareness.
  5. Environmental Impact: Go green with digital advertising.
  6. Brand Visibility: Boost brand recognition.
  7. Content Variety: Engage with video, animation, and live feeds.
  8. Interactivity: Make travelers a part of the story.
Travel Plaza Media / TPM

Atlantic Plaza / Atlantic City Expressway

Digital Network Footprint

StateCurrent PlazasActive Screens2023/2024 Expansion
New Jersey176821
New York135227
  • Delaware Plaza: Largest Travel Plaza in the US –generating 50,000 daily traffic
Travel Plaza Media / TPM

65+ Million Monthly Impressions

All of our screens are Geopath certified

Travel Plaza Media / TPM

Accessing TPM Programmatically

Upsides of Programmatic: 

- Precision Targeting
- Real-Time Optimization
- Scalability
- Competitive Pricing
- Cost-Effective
- Maximize ROI 

Our partnerships with leading DSPs ensure seamless access to TPM's transformative advertising solutions.

Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM

Parking Lot
Light Pole Banner Network (Static)

Harness the power of parking lot pole banner advertising to reach a local audience, boost brand awareness, and promote products or services efficiently and visually.
High Visibility - 24/7 lighting capture the attention of pedestrians & drivers
Local Targeting - Reach your local audience effectively
Branding and Awareness - Establish a strong community presence
Cost-Effective - Enjoy cost-efficiency with high visibility & reach
Seasonal Campaigns - Adapt banners for holidays or seasonal promotion
Customization - Showcase your brand, messages & creative design

Parking Lot Pole Banners Footprint

StateCurrent Plazas# of Pole BannersMonthly Traffic
New Jersey171708,800,000
Travel Plaza Media / TPM

Parking Lot Banners

24/7/365 Always working to deliver your message

Non Traditional & Experiential
Going beyond the norm

Travel Plaza takeovers and experiential marketing, offers a unique opportunity to capture traveler attention, engage their senses, and leave a memorable impression that lingers long after their stop.
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Total Immersion:
Travel Plaza Takeovers & Going Beyond the Norm

Dominate, enhance traveler attention & experience with exclusive branding, visuals, & interactivity. 

Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Experiential Engagement: Creating Memorable Moments

Live product demonstrations: Tastings, or interactive sessions to engage travelers. 
Personalized Experiences:  Use data-driven personalization to tailor experiences to individual traveler preferences. 
Games and Challenges:  Organize fun games or challenges with prizes to create buzz & encourage participation. 

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Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM
Travel Plaza Media / TPM

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